Are you Ready to Achieve Financial Freedom? 

Here Are Healthy Credit Habits You Need To Know


Credit is very important, but rather than spending thousands of dollars having somebody else fix your credit, there's nothing better than having the knowledge yourself. Credit is vital to your financial literacy. Fixing your credit means lower interest rate, getting approved for home loan, credit cards and auto loans. 
In this this lesson I will teach you to elevate. See you at the top!

You want to learn how to achieve good credit?
Get to the next stage of your financial life?
Break out of bad cycles and old habits that bring you nothing but pain!

Some people invest in bags, cars, jewels, and clothes when they should be investing in their credit.

Why should I take this seminar?
Bawse Lady rose from the ground up, and she's ready to take you to the next level you need to go in your life.  Achieving and maintaining a good credit is vital. There is no one better to learn from than Bawse Lady herself, who has been where you are now, and has taken the necessary steps to get out of bad credit! If you're living paycheck to paycheck and ready to set up and live the life of your dreams,  this is the place to do it.
How can the seminar Help me?
  • Helps you ensure you'll qualify for a home loan
  • Lower interest rate on credit cards and loans
  •  Better chance for loan approval
  • Get approved for higher limits
  • ​Negotiating power for a lower interest rate
  • ​Easier approval for rental houses and apartments
  • ​Better car insurance
  • ​Avoid security deposits on utilities
  • ​Bragging rights
SIgns You Need To Have a Healthy Credit Habit
  • Your credit is 650 and below
  • Y​our credit card is maxed out
  • ​Things are beyond your control such as your loan rate
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About Bawse Lady

Sharmeeka Brooks broke out of her comfort zone and stepped into Bawse Lady to conquer any and all of her business related and personal challenges. She has truly risen from the ground up and now wants to help others do the same. As a serial entrepreneur, author, mindset and business coach Bawse Lady knows when and how to step into her alter ego to her benefit. Her seminars are life-changing. If you're willing to listen and learn you can reach that next goal you're looking for in life. Her story is one of triumph and resilience...and now she's ready to help you take the same steps she took for a better financial life!


  • Advice on how to achieve and maintain good credit
  • Content marketing and credit building tactics to ELEVATE you!
  • Education on financial literacy and more!